Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Photos Of Rescued Kitty & Our New Product Line!

Good Thursday Morning!

As previously reported, the baby kitten that I am fostering was a girl. On further inspection, it seems that the baby is a BOY! I am relieved that this gender issue was resolved before I went out and bought girlie cat toys! Poor Kitty would have had life long issues, LOL!

Not only is he a boy, I got a peek at the stray cats in my grandmothers neighborhood and there are 2 long hair cats (one looks like it is the mama). Our little boy is most likely going to be a handsome long haired cat!!! He will be available for adoption, by Thanksgiving.

Now onto the introduction of Goldtone Designs latest product line:
Welcome to our new line of Baby Products
"The Puff Rag & Drag" round a bout


***PUFF*** - This 'lil quilt is all ready to be folded up into a pillow for those naps on the go! Each square is lightly "puffed" with soft premium fiberfill.

***RAG*** - patchwork quilt was layered using the rag technique.

***DRAG*** - At 12" square, this quilt makes it so easy for little hands to drag it around ( a bout!) with them while they explore the world!

***SENSORY*** - we used various ribbons ( they we handmade ourselves!) and fabrics for baby to feel different textures! ( Satin, & Minkee ribbons - cotton, minkee, & fleece fabrics)
Cool Island Kawaii Kitty


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kitty is so cute! I would never be able to give them away if I fostered. I'd be the crazy lady with 100 cats! My Max was 2 weeks when I found him...and upon the Vet tech's instruction, I name him Bella. 5 weeks later, the vet tech got a lesson in how to tell boys from girls, and my Vet declared that one of the reasons he was so crazy was because I had a pink collar on him. He said he was having an identity crisis! He became Max that afternoon, and got snipped a week later!

Candy Stick Lane

Jen! These are fabulous - you do such a great job!!! and I wuv da wittle kitty!!!! XOXO


lovely rags. i like it!