Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Goldtone Designs Designer Baby Support Pillow Giveaway

The Traveling Baby Neck Support Pillow for Car Seat Comfort
Chocolate Brown, Taupe,
White, Chambray & Powder Blue Adorable antique pictures of baby's first shoes, first socks and first jumper are displayed with sunny flowers in this cute baby boy blue print. Baby cloths are about 1 1/2", from the 'Bella Baby' collection by Michele D'Amore for Marcus Brothers Fabrics. Winter White and so very soft Chic Mink on the back ! Our neck wrap pillows can be positioned any way you want to, to give your baby the support he needs for his head while napping. (Back, Front, Side) Travel pillows are great for airplanes, long car trips or just going to the store. ------------------------------------------------------------ *Pillow size approx: 9"w x 8"h x 2 1/2" thick. *Suitable for up to 12 months *Machine Wash Cold Tumble Dry on LOW heat *It is hand stuffed with Premium Polyester fiberfill. ------------------------------------------------------------


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Monday, January 19th. I will post the winner first thing on Monday afternoon!
Goldtonedesigns specializes in Luxury Lounge Wrap© Pillows for baby, toddler, child and adults. You'll find soft comfortable pillows that you'll be sure to fall in love with once you feel them. The Puff Rag and Drag Blanket/Pillow is another great item for babies and toddlers.



Woohoo!! A giveaway!! And how fabuloso that neck pillow is!! I hope no one else enters, because it'll be mine mine mine!!!
Umm...this giveaway is now closed. hehe.


I love the Mighty Mighty Furry Jungle - Teething Ring PLUSH Crib Toy.

FromThe Creek

I like the Polo Bear neck support reminds me of my daughters sheets when she was little. She carried around the pillowcases that matched that instead of a blankie.

My email is on my profile.


Thanks for having this giveaway...
I love being in EtsyBaby with you, you do such a wonderful job. I posted a link on my blog to help promote your giveaway. You can see it at

Also if you have time i would love for you to promote my giveaway.
Its to help save handmade. I am giving away one item to someone. Each participant has to go vote to save handmade at the link is on my blog.
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Hey that is nice! Can I join? hehehe by the 19th my baby boy will turn 5.. awesome! :) I think I might try this one. :)


Hi there! I have posted a blog about your giveaway on my site and here it is.

thanks! My email is and I am Adin Blankenship!


Hi there! I am so sorry to bother you again but this is the final one now. I made a mistake with my URL on the first one I sent you. Sorry about that!

This is the pillow that I like from your collection. Cute!

Traveling Baby - BaZoodles - Baby Neck Wrap Pillow for Car Seat Safety - Giraffe Zoo Jungle

I blog about your giveaway and I hope you will like.

My name is Adin Blankenship again, and is my e-add. Thanks!


I am so glad I came across your blog. I blogged your shop and blog on my blog. My blogs are sent to my facebook acount where I have nearly 60 people in my friend group and then of course their people also see my facebook comments, so who knows how much advertising this may bring you!!! Yey!!! You are also saved to my favorite shops on Etsy. Your products are fantastic!!!! I love your store!!! I'd love to win, but I'm even more glad to have found your shop!!! :)

Please contact me on Etsy.


Great giveaway and great neck pillows! I adore the one with the cute cats on it! Hope I win, my 3 year old will look great while sitting on the train...
I wrote a post about it on my blog, you can see it here:
My email is


My favorite item is the Flannel Pink Polka Dot and Chocolate Brown Baby Car Seat Pillow for Neck and Head Support.


My favorite is the baby Multi Hue Pink Swirls Minky Taggie Cuddle Travel Neck Wrap Pillow!

Erin, maker of chimes

The Personalized Minkee Poodle Pillow is my fav since it's got my name on it :)

dinnertimechimes at aol dot com


My favorite item is the Snuggle your baby close Nursing Baby Breastfeeding Pillow Jungle Zoo Animals Applique. Functional and oh so cute! Thank you. The neck support pillow are a great item for a giveaway

Great Pillow!

Thanks for the give-away!

I blogged about your pillows on my blog..


Thanks for the give-away!

I blogged about your pillow give-away and linked all your pillows for max clickage!

I also love you toys!


my favorite item and probably the cutest thing ever is the PINK PUNKY BONES - Puff Rag Quilt For Baby ,Blanket and Pillow


I am in love with this pillow! My newborn desperately needs this ASAP!

GL to ME!

Sara B.


Awesome giveaway! I like this from your shop:
Nursing Baby Breastfeeding Pillow Jungle Zoo Animals Applique

Celeste W.

contact me at:


i like the Peace Kitten Cat Retro- Body Suit the best. thanks!


zoe hunter

Nice giveaway., thanks! Love the:

Traveling Chic Heart Baby Ring Crib Toy - Red Black White Sensory Development



My favorite is the Multi Hue Pink Swirls Minky Taggie Cuddle Travel Neck Wrap Pillow. Thanks!


I soooo love the Bundle Of Baby Boy - Pillow-sie(tm) Keepsake Onesie - Pillow Applique 0-3 months ! So adorably cute!

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))



love all of your pillows, but the preppy argyle is my favorite. Speaks to my inner preppy :)

Jen D.
(babycheeks & thetrendytot)