Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New To Goldtone Designs

Puff Rag and Drag -FARM TRAVELS - Toddler - Sensory Blanket and Pillow
Patch 1 A Cutie Pig driving in his pick up truck towing a wagon! background (Fleece). -
Patch 2 - Chocolate Bear Brown Minkee
Patch 3 - A Cow is cruising his his new hot rod!
Patch 4 - Chocolate Bear Brown Minkee
Puff Rag and Drag -The Lone Sheep - Puff Rag Quilt For Baby - Toddler - Sensory Blanket and Pillow

Each Quilt block consists of
Bottom: Blizzard Fleece in White
Middle: Blizzard Fleece in Black
Patch 1 A white Sheep outlined in black on a pretty blue background (Fleece). -
Patch 2 - Chic Snow White Minkee
Patch 3 - Black Silky Furry Fleece
Patch 4 - Teal Silky Furry Fleece
Please check back often for more "Puff Rag & Drag" round a bouts!!!