Monday, September 1, 2008

Looking For Babies and Toddlers To Model Our Products

What we need: We are currently looking for babies/toddlers between the ages of 3 months to 4 years old to model various infant and toddler neck support pillows.

To learn more about us, please see our Etsy Shop and our Boutique

If we select your child, we will mail you a pillow that is appropriate to your child's age and gender. A parent can take the photo(s) of their child using our
product and the product is yours to keep!!!!!

Required: the photographer have excellent photography skills and the permission to use the photographs in a promotional matter (i.e. Web site, product description, print Ads, etc) Photographs are to be e-mailed to us within 7 - 14 days after your pillow(s) have arrived. If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity, please e-mail us with a current photo of your baby, age, and level of photography skill ( if you have a portfolio, we would love to see!).

(Photo's submitted will NOT be used or sold in any way as they are needed for evaluation purposes only) You can also leave a comment on here too!

We hope to be wrapping your little wonder in luxury soon!!



Hi there, I am on your etsybaby team, and if you look at my shop, you will see photos of my one year old daughter, Cheyenne. I (or my hubby) take all of our photos) and would love to help out with a baby model if you'd like! Just let us know!