Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Traveling Toddler - Starry Night Blue - Minky Soft Travel Neck Wrap Pillow

Cotton Nightie Night Baby Bright fabric is featured on one side of this Traveling Toddler Neck Wrap Pillow. SUPER Soft Minky Fabric. Plush, baby blue cuddle fleece ultra minky fabric is on the other side, making this pillow luxurious. A white grosgrain 1 1/2" wide ribbon, displays my boutique logo.

My neck pillows are a MUST for safe napping in the car, at grandma's or on long trips. Baby's and Toddlers need support for their necks while they sleep.

They will sleep longer due to being so comfy and supported.
Designed by Goldtone Designs - Machine Sewn &
Hand stuffed with Premium fiberfill and hand stitched closed by me.

Size: suitable for 24m - 3t