Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Puppy Needs a Home

For the first time, I will share with you a sad story that hopefully will have a happy ending.

On the 27th of April , my 7 yr old daughter found a puppy next door. No collar - no tags. Erin's 6 year old friend thought she knew where he lived. So I ran to my house to grab a leash and collar.

Well after knocking on over 50 doors, putting up 20 signs around town, flyer's taped to store windows calling EVERY animal no kill shelter in the area.........And 9 days later, I STILL have this puppy. He seemed to drop from the sky and has no home.

BUT.......he has been fixed, crate trained, leash trained and VERY LOVING........A stray DOES NOT usually possess those qualities.

My vet judged him to be only 6 months old and he is SO good with children and other dogs.......JUST NOT MY DOGS, lol.

Laci, my boxer/pit mix will not stop barking at him and Coda, my chow, is packing her bags to move to grandma's if I bring this puppy in the house.

He is looking for his new, fenced in, forever home that will give him all the love he deserves.

Thanks for reading - Jen


Tutu Cute and Moore!

Jen, What a sweet puppy! Thankfully someone kind, like you and your daughter, found him before he was hurt on the road. Good luck finding him a loving home.


What a beautiful animal! Oh Jen, you are taking such GREAT care of him while someone is dreaming of him!
I hope you find someone soon!


Good luck finding him a home Jen! You are so sweet for taking such great care of him!!

Perhaps post a craigslist ad for adoption?


Good luck Jen- what a cute puppy

Rosebud Collection

What a sweet dog..I can't believe no one has been looking for him..sad.
Hope you find a home for him soon..it has to be a bit hard with two other dogs..


I'm in Kentucky, but I'd love to help if I was closer!


I hope find him a good home soon. I sent the link to a couple friends I have in your area. Crossing fingers!

Marissa Fischer

Hope you find a home for the little guy


I hope you find a home. Maybe post a picture of him!



What a cute puppy! Unfortunately, I cannot adopt him, not to mention the fact I live in Ohio which is slightly more than 75 miles away from ATL.

Good luck!


Etsy for Animals

Thank you to you and your daughter for helping him, I will fwd the info to the over 460 EFA members, maybe someone is close by? Thanks, Michele ;) mvegan5